Earth Scientists in the making

IF Technology offers two internship positions for a master student in (Technical) Earth Sciences, starting from September 2020 earliest.

Expanding the geological framework

The geological context is the backbone of a geothermal potential study. The goal of this internship is to develop extensive geological reports for various geologically distinct regions in the Netherlands, to be used as the foundation for geothermal potential studies. These reports will contain information on the regional stratigraphy, lithology, structural history, burial history and diagenesis and overview maps and figures. This study has a strong literature component and, depending on the students interest, may also comprise the interpretation of borehole data, correlation panel, seismic cross-sections and cuttings. 

Burial reconstruction

In the Dutch subsurface clastic reservoirs have experienced significant burial after deposition. In zones of inversion, present day reservoir depths can be shallower than the maximum burial depth the reservoir has endured. As a result the encountered reservoir properties (porosity, permeability) may not correspond with the current depth of the reservoir. In exploration studies a porosity-depth relation that reflects the maximum burial depth of the reservoir is essential. For this internship we are looking for a motivated student to compile relevant literature and test and update different burial reconstruction methodologies including vitrinite reflection & maturation data, sonic velocity & compaction and palinspastic/backstrip reconstruction. These reconstructions will be applied for different geothermal reservoirs currently being explored in the Dutch subsurface. This internship includes a modelling component hence some experience with matlab/python is welcomed.

For further information or applications, please contact Max de Kruijf ( or Lara Borst (