About IF Technology

Since its 1989 inception, IF Technology has overseen the design, management and roll-out of over one thousand geothermal projects through a team that has grown to comprise 55 dedicated professionals.

The rapid depletion of global hydrocarbon reserves, their eventual impact on energy price and the looming reality of climate change raise some critical polarities regarding the present and future of our day-to-day energy consumption: do we continue to enlarge our carbon footprint or search for alternatives? Depend on imported fossil energy, or tap into local renewable sources? These considerations form the bedrock of our business ethos, which channels our clients’ desire for technical innovation and sustainable development by harnessing the novel, high added-value thermal energy source and storage opportunities endowed us by nature: earth and water.

Creating Energy.


IF Technology is an independent engineering consultancy firm founded in 1989 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Since then, IF Technology has provided expertise spanning the entirety of thermal energy project timelines for clients in the industrial, geothermal development and public sectors worldwide.

Our expertise lies in three core categories:

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