Geothermal energy

From exploration to exploitation

Our team of geoscientists and engineers provide clients with site-specific expertise through every step of geothermal project development. We offer a multitude of solutions for high-enthalpy geothermal energy ventures in addition to a wealth of experience in exploiting sedimentary basins for single-phase low enthalpy geothermal projects. Much of our considerable experience and expertise is manifest in our own bespoke software suite, which can be made available upon request. In addition, we are eager to share this know-how through client capacity building and training.

Geothermal surface exploration

Whether developing a high enthalpy geothermal field or a prospecting a sedimentary basin, a thorough surface exploration is always its necessary first step.

The services we provide at this stage include:
-       Magnetotelluric data acquisition, processing and modelling
-       Geochemical interpretation
-       Seismic interpretation and petrophysics
-       Structural geology and stress analysis

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Geological modelling

To estimate the project potential at a given location, a broad range of geological data are put to use. We integrate these into a geothermal conceptual model which serves as a starting point for prospect resource assessment and risk analysis. From this, a ‘reservoir model’ is built to estimate the expected flow rate of the prospective resource.

 The services we provide at this stage include:
-       Conceptual modelling
-       Resource assessment and risk analysis
-       Reservoir engineering and optimization
-       Technical feasibility studies

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Once deemed theoretically feasible, project viability and subsequent field development can be further determined through the on-site drilling of exploration wells.

The services we provide at this stage include:
-       Well site geology
-       Well testing and interpretation
-       Geothermal field development planning
-       Scaling, corrosion and clogging risk assessment

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