Seasonal thermal energy storage

A proven technology allowing excess thermal energy to be collected and stored for future use.

One of our core businesses is to provide expert consulting for solutions to thermal energy storage. In the Netherlands and elsewhere we have used deep aquifers as a heat storage medium, whereby energy is funneled into boreholes to be made available for later use. To give an illustration, summer heat absorbed by a building can be stored for central heating in the winter, while water cooled during winter can likewise be stored for air conditioning in the summer, thus enabling a virtuous cycle of sustainable indoor thermostatic regulation. This heat storage can be classified into aquifer thermal energy storage and borehole thermal energy storage, the latter often referred to as a ground source heat pump.

Aquifer thermal energy storage can reduce building-scale CO2 emissions by over 60%.

 Seasonal thermal energy storage (STES) is a proven technology and can be highly attractive in financial terms, depending on climate and subsurface properties. While STES can be implemented almost anywhere, its potential is largely dependent on subsurface suitability as well as the legislative framework governing its management. From the first site scan through to permit applications, commissioning and operation, IF Technology has all the technical, organizational and legal bases covered for the efficient and effective roll-out of clients’ STES needs.