State of the art of HT-ATES in The Netherlands

17 juni 2019

Within the EU Geothermica program, the Heatstore research project has been started. Since Underground Heat Storage is expected to become one of the key elements in the energy transition, the aim of the Heatstore research project is to develop new technologies and knowledge on this topic.

Globally, The Netherlands has a leading position in Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) technology. Consequently, the Dutch contribution to the Heatstore project focusses on the design and realization of a new High Temperature ATES (HT-ATES) system in the Wieringermeer greenhouse area.

As a first step, IF Technology created an overview of the state of the art of HT-ATES in The Netherlands. In this paper, the main conclusions are described. Based on these conclusions, design rules are given for future HT-ATES systems. These design rules, both for underground aspects and for system integration, should contribute to a higher thermal efficiency.